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Long Distance Moving Services

  • Accross the State or Nation
  • Binding Estimates Available
  • Full Replacement Cost Valuation
  • Direct Service to Many Cities
  • Same Crew Service on Most Shipments
  • Dependable "On-Time" Service Since 1927

Long distance moving services (any move more than 25 miles from Morgantown), whether within the state of West Virginia (intrastate) or from one state to another (interstate) takes the coordinated effort of a team of professionals. Our motto: "Providing Service Above Expectations" is what we strive for on every long-distance relocation.

When planning your move, you will want an accurate estimate of our expenses beforehand. O.J. WHITE MOVING is anxious to provide you with a written estimate. Of course, this will require an on-site visit by one of our experienced moving consultants and usually will take about an hour or less. Our policy is to only provide written estimates based on a visual survey... we prefer not to price over the telephone as this practive is hazardous at best.

At the time of our visit, we can discuss your particular needs and requirement, such as packing services, scheduling problems, storage requirements and estimate types etc. There are several types of long-distance moving estimates available to you. A non-binding estimate is indeed just that ... non-binding estimate means the final charges will be determined by the actual weight of your shipment and the services rendered, which are not determinable until after your goods are loaded and weighted... the final price may be either higher or lower than our estimated cost.

Or you may be interested in a binding estimate, which is guaranteed price for transporting those items listed on our estimator's "Table of Measurements" and for the packing and transportation-related services included on the Estimate and/or Order for Service. Our estimated price is the price you'll pay. Changes and addendums to our original quotation can be issued, either up or down, if your plans change.

We also offer "Selected Delivery Date Service" for pin-pointing an exact delivery date and we also offer "Weight Allowance" quotes, quite popular with our corporate accounts. Our salesman will be glad to go over these options with you.

The bottom line: be comfortable with your estimate of choice and trust that O.J. WHITE MOVING will provide you with the most accurate and reliable estimate possible... NONE of our salespeople are commissioned, therefore "low-balling" as estimate in order to book a move is out of the equation... We want to provide you with our BEST professional opinion of what your moving expenses will be.

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